Fred Brown - Sheboygan Falls - 2015 (Small).jpgFred was born in MilwaukeeWisconsin to loving parents, Catherine and Fred. His love for wrestling started at his home of 8 children. Having 4 highly energetic boys in the family, wrestling was very much a part of his life growing up. All three brothers, Michael, James and Robert wrestled and all four sisters Patty, Cathy Margaret and Barbara, were natural fans.

At first his parents were reluctant to embrace the sport of wrestling. However, his dad quickly saw wrestling as a sport of challenge and fun for his boys and never missed any of his four son’s matches. Mom, on the other hand, stayed home, said the rosary and lit votive candles while praying for her son’s safety.

 In high school Fred was introduced to organized wrestling by his wrestling Coach Dave Mayberry. Coach Mayberry was both the football and wrestling coach for JamesMadisonHigh School. Coach Mayberry’s positive approach to coaching young men is what made Fred not only love wrestling, it also inspired him to pursue wrestling after high school.

 Upon High School graduation Fred went on to UW River Falls where he wrestled and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Education. His college wrestling career was highly influenced by Coach Byron James (WWCA Hall of Fame 1978 Inductee). Coach James was instrumental in encouraging Fred to believe in himself and never make excuses when things didn’t go as planned.

 In 1980 Fred attended UW LaCrosse and earned his master’s degree in Specially Designed Physical Education. Fred also volunteered to coach college wrestling alongside his adviser and then head wrestling coach Dr. Alan Freeman. Coach Freeman recognized Fred’s desire to coach and provided Fred with the opportunity to coach college wrestlers and continue training with the UW-LaCrosse wrestlers.

 Fred landed his first wrestling coaching position in 1981 at JeffersonHigh School as an assistant wrestling coach and later moved on as the head coach at Jefferson Junior High. As the Junior High head coach Fred’s passion to coach went from desire to obsession. It was here Fred was allowed to pass his skills as a wrestler onto the wrestlers he coached. Fred recognized his primary responsibility was to help these young wrestlers grow to love the sport, but more importantly, grow to value each other as being a part of a team.

 In 1984 Fred was contacted by his college teammate Nat Pope asking if he would be his assistant coach at SheboyganFallsHigh School. Coach Pope modeled how having fun in wrestling contributed to success and commitment to being a successful wrestler. The next season, Jerry Robers (WWCA Hall of Fame 1996 Inductee) became the head coach. Coach Robers introduced Fred to “old school” methodology of coaching and how it fostered success. Fred also learned the art of recruiting and retaining wrestlers from Coach Robers. By far the greatest lesson Fred learned from Coach Robers was how to establish long lasting relationships with all who joined the Falcon Wrestling Family.

 In 1991 Fred and his wife, Lori, decided their children, daughter Stephanieand recently born son, Nathan, needed some increased dad time. As it turned out, Nathan took long naps in the afternoon, which gave Fred extra time to stay in touch with wrestling through ongoing conversations with friend and head coach at SheboyganNorthHigh School, Tom Brown (WWCA Hall of Fame 2010 Inductee). Fred was missing both wrestling and coaching and was grateful for Coach Tom’s offer to be an assistant coach. Of course there were many other conversations with Lori, which lead to her support to return to coaching. Coaching with Tom Brown was nothing but pure fun!  Fred gained so much insight on how to coach solid technique and how to motivate wrestlers to go beyond what they thought was possible. To this day Tom Brown is a most valued friend to Fred and his family.

 In 1995 Herb Tyler became head wrestling coach for the Sheboygan North Raiders and Fred continued as assistant coach. Coach Herb taught Fred the value of being organized and planning ahead. Coach Tyler also supported Fred’s passion to coach wrestling technique to top level athletes including a number of state qualifiers and place winners.

 Fred returned to SheboyganFallsHigh School as assistant wrestling coach in 1997 by once again teaming up with good friend, Tom Brown. As coaches, Tom and Fred continued to share their love for coaching wrestling in the middle school and youth wrestling programs until 2001. At this time Fred took over the head High School wrestling position and for the first time in his career. Fred had the opportunity to build upon an established program at SheboyganFalls and was fortunate to put together a very dedicated and talented coaching staff: Mark Stahkolf, Brad Knecht, Noel Peterson and Dan Akright. Along with many other former wrestlers, this dedicated team of people helped move the Falcon wrestling program forward to win numerous team titles and a trip to the team state tournament in 2008.

 Fred retired from teaching and coaching from SheboyganFalls in 2011 and decided to expand his coaching experience at the college level. Fred had already established connections with the Wisconsin Wrestling Federation as an assistant coach for the Junior National Team. It was here where Fred worked with WWF state coach and UW-Oshkosh Head Wrestling Coach, Mike DeRoehn. Coach DeRoehn was and continues to be a major player in Wisconsin Wrestling. His passion for wrestling is so inspiring.

 In 2011 Fred approached Coach DeRoehn at a wrestling camp and asked if he could help coach at LakelandCollege. Mike was quick to say yes and immediately Fred joined the Lakeland wrestling program. Coaching with Mike was like watching a conductor lead a symphony. His knowledge of the sport is second to none and Fred valued being a part of Mike’s plan to make LakelandCollege and Wisconsin Wrestling the best in the Nation.

 In 2012 Fred was on the coaching staff with the WWF Junior National team, Fred traveled to Oklahoma with Lewie Benitz (WWCA Hall of Fame 1987 Inductee) and Brad Owens (Advanced School of Wrestling). This experience was a dream come true because of Fred’s respect of Coach Benitz’s knowledge of coaching wrestling and his ability to motivate athletes to succeed at the highest level.

 Fred attributes many things to his longevity in the sport of wrestling and knows his thirst for continued learning has been a key motivator to stay involved with wrestling! Fred has learned from athletes, coaches and families the values of being supportive and caring at all times for everyone. Fred lives by the saying, “Nobody cares what you know until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt

 Beyond wrestling, Fred is grateful for the relationships and friendships he has developed with those he has competed with and against. Wrestling has been instrumental in making life long friends. It’s these relationships that have been the most satisfying to him.

 Outside interests for Fred include kitesailing on Lake Michigan, playing the cello and most importantly spending time with his wife Lori, his children Stephanie, her husband Steve, Nathan, his wife Jana and his grandchildren Levi and Nora.

Fred looks forward to continue coaching at Lakeland College with Head Coach Dillon Bera and working with the Wisconsin Wrestling Federation, coaching with many remarkable people including Scott Kluever (State Coach), Mike DeRoehn (Cadet Freestyle Coach), Dave Black (Chairperson), Randy Dusing (Coach), Bob Empy (Coach), Trevor Brandvold (Coach), Scott Schmitz (Cadet Director), Mark Hemauer (Coach), Brad Owens (Coach), John Mesenbrink (Coach), Jeff Jones (Tournament Director), Scott Roffers (Director) and many other people he has met in the sport along the way. (Too many to list)

Fred Brown is honored for being inducted into the WWCA (Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association) 2015 Hall of Fame. He knows he stands alongside many gifted inductees and is truly humbled to be a part of this elite group of people.