1977 George Gregor Charter Member Luxemburg.gif"When George Gregor started the wrestling program at Luxemburg in 1924-25, he had some ladies sew him a mat, and when his boys wrestled, they had to hold the corners down so that no wrestler would get hurt."

Not every coach can empathize with that, for it is one of the pioneering efforts needed in that time, and George Gregor was a leader. Many years, only two or three matches could be scheduled because there were few teams in that area, however, Luxemburg had matches every year. Even though most of the schools they wrestled were much larger, they had a winning record, and several undefeated seasons.

George wrestled 3 years on the Varsity at Madison at 158 pounds, and as a freshman won the University Championship. He also coached the College of Agriculture Wrestling Team to the intramural championship in 1922. George Martin in a letter to Fendley Collins at Michigan State University in 1956 wrote, "I have known George Gregor personally since 1936 or 37 and know he has done a great deal to help the image of interscholastic wrestling in Wisconsin. Besides providing interest in enthusiasm, he has given wrestling a dignity essential to its progress here."

George Gregor is indeed one of a few.