1997 Dennis Hall  Hartford.gifDennis Hall (Small).jpgOlympic Silver Medallist Dennis Hall, has accomplished far more in his 26 years than most people even dare to dream of. Yet, his quest is not over.

Hall, a native of Hartford, WI, won 3 state championship titles as a member of the Hartford High School team in 1986, '88 & '89. He has gone on to capture World Team Trials Championships in 1990, '93 and '94; captured the 1995 Greco-Roman World Championship in 1995 and was a silver medallist in the 1996 Summer Olympics held in Atlanta, GA.

His greatest challenge, however, came between his junior and senior years in high school when his older brother and coach, Dan, died in a tragic alcohol-related automobile accident. Dennis contemplated quitting wrestling, but instead, dedicated his wrestling career to the quest for an Olympic gold medal in Dan's memory and to helping other young people see the dangers of mixing alcohol with driving and other activities.

Today, Dennis is a student at UW-Stevens Point where he is also an assistant wrestling coach. He put off college earlier in his life to concentrate on wrestling, but now feels that he is in the position he is so that he can have a positive impact on the lives of other athletes while he completes his education and continues his training.

Dennis spends a great deal of time now speaking to athletes, youth groups, clubs and organizations about his quest for the gold medal, how his brother's tragic death changed his life forever, and how athletics and the training involved to become successful will have a most positive impact on not only the athlete's life, but on the lives of everyone they touch.

He continues training with a focus on the 2,000 Olympics set for Sydney, Australia. In the mean time he will continue to compete in national and international Greco-Roman competitions and work to help today's young people make positive choices in their lives.

Dennis credits wrestling with giving him the tools to succeed in life, and his brother's death with giving him the focus he needed. All the rest on the road to success is up to each individual, and Dennis is determined to be a success with whatever he is led to do after wrestling. "Champions aren't born, you build 'em."