1984 Nancy Hellickson  Stoughton.gifNancy Hellickson has been a faithful supporter of wrestling for many years. Her position as a wife of University of Madison-Madison head wrestling coach Russ Hellickson, co-editor of the The CrossfaceWisconsin's wrestling newspaper, and owner of Crossface Wrestling Equipment, continue to keep her involved in wrestling.

Nancy is a graduate of Stoughton High School, and the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Nancy earned an elementary education degree in 1971 and taught 7 years in Madison.

Nancy's involvement with wrestling started in high school. She was a member of the first wrestling cheerleader squad at Stoughton. This was the first squad in the Badger Conference. She has continued her involvement by contributing her talents in the administration of various tournaments. She is a former pairings worker at high school and college meets including the Badger State, Northern Open and the Big Ten Championships.

In 1972, Nancy and Russ Hellickson introduced "The Crossface" to the wrestling community. Their intent was to give wrestling more coverage in Wisconsin and to help close the communication gap within the state caused by different geographical areas. They have continued to be co-editors of a wrestling paper that has been published longer than anyone has ever published a state wrestling publication.

"The Crossface" received the Dellinger Award in 1974 from Amateur Wrestling News for Wrestling Writer of the Year. In 1976, "The Crossface" was selected State Newspaper of the Year by Scholastic Wrestling News, and The Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association presented it the 1978 Media Award.

Nancy's publicity for wrestling goes beyond "The Crossface". Her photographs and stories have appeared in Amateur Wrestling News, National Mat News, Federation Wrestler (now USA Wrestling), Young Wrestler and The Olympian. This includes a four-part series on her trip to the Soviet Union in 1975. In 1976, she developed a complete hosting guide for groups that are having the USSR wrestling team come to their community for dual meets.

Nancy was co-chairman of the 1973 USA-USSR dual-meet in Madison, and she has extended her hospitality to entertain the following foreign delegations in her home: Soviets - 1975, 1978; Koreans - 1982, 1983; Japanese - 1979, 1980; East Germans - 1979; and Cubans - 1983.

Nancy's extensive travels to cover wrestling events are numerous. Her trips include: the Pan American Games in Cali, Columbia - 1971; the World Championships in Minsk, USSR - 1975; the Olympic Games in Montreal, Canada - 1976; Lausanne, Switzerland - 1977; San Juan, Puerto Rico - 1979; and Los Angeles California - 1984. She covered San Diego, California - 1979; and Edmonton, Canada - 1982; as well as several trips to Toledo, Ohio to cover the World Cup of Freestyle Wrestling