1989 Russ Hellickson  Distinguished Member Olympian Stoughton-UW Madison.gifRuss Hellickson2.jpgInvolvement is the word that best describes Russ Hellickson and his relationship to wrestling. Russ was active in all phases of sports - competition, coaching, promoting and developing.

As a wrestler Russ won the WIAA State Meet at 180 pounds for Stoughton in 1966. Russ is a 1976 Olympic silver medallist; a two time Pan American Games gold medallist; a bronze medallist in the 1971 World Championships. Nationally he has won seven national freestyle titles. In 1976, he earned USWF Grand Champion Wrestler Award based on points earned in tournaments during 1975-76. He also was the USWF Wrestler of the Year in 1976.
For the promotion of wrestling, Russ his wife Nancy wrote "THE CROSSFACE", the Wisconsin Wrestling Newspaper winning them two national awards for wrestling writing.
Russ has worked nationally and in Wisconsin for the development of wrestling. He has served for three s as the state chairman for USWF a year he served as national charter president of Federation of Wrestling Clubs was the second vice president on the USWF National Board of Control. He was a member of the USWF Hall of Fame selection committee.
Russ was recognized for his dedication to the sport of wrestling in 5 when the USWF named him Wrestling Man of the Year.
In 1977 he was an Assistant Wrestling Coach at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.