2012 Class of 2013-3.jpgMy interest in wrestling started a few years before high school. I wrestled throughout high school and was an avid Luxemburg-Casco wrestling fan for about five years until I decided to start officiating due to my passion for the sport.
In 2002, 23 years after starting Jauquet Roofing, I fell while working. The injuries from the fall paralyzed me from the neck down, and I am a quadriplegic dependent on a ventilator. Of course, this ended my officiating career; however, my love for wrestling did not fade. Although my new career was focused on rehabilitation, my interest in wrestling and the success of the program pushed me to find ways to attend as many matches as possible. Also, I stayed connected to the wrestling family through the Internet. Being present at the matches in my wheelchair, and in touch with other wrestling fans over the Internet has been important to me. I have found the coaches, the wrestlers, and the fans very accepting and accommodating of my situation, and this connection has greatly enhanced the quality of my life.
People tell me I am an inspiration by continuing to stay involved with wrestling and other activities in my community after my accident. I am very happy and grateful that I have had this impact, but I cannot honestly say that I accomplished this alone. Credit also goes to my incredible wife, Sandy, and all my wonderful nurses. Because of the special care they have given me, I have been able to follow my passion for wrestling and live my life to the fullest from my wheelchair.