1988 Ron Jeidy  Fennimore .gifRon Jeidy had a slow start to develop his wrestling capabilities. Jeidy graduated from Fennimore High School in 1973. While at Fennimore, he was a WIAA State entrant in 1973. He wanted to pursue wrestling, and as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Jeidy tried out for the University Team. His efforts led Jeidy to become a National Champion. Former University of Wisconsin wrestling coach Russ Hellickson states, "I think of Ron as the greatest foot sweep technician in the sport of wrestling." Jeidy graduated in 1978 with a double major in Animal Science and Agricultural Economics.

Jeidy worked hard and proved that he could reap the benefits of long hours in the practice room. His initial goal was to make the team. As time wore on, his sights were set on becoming a national champion, and that he did.

In 1976, he laced 4th in the Big Ten Tournament while wrestling at 177 pounds. Throughout the remainder of his collegiate competition, Jeidy competed at 190 pounds. In 1977, he placed second in the big Ten Tournament and fifth in the World University Games. In 1978, his last year of competition at the university level, Jeidy was co-captain of the Badgers. He went on to win the Big Ten and the NCAA Championships. In the spring of 1978, the Russian National Wrestling team toured the U.S. One of their stops included a dual meet held in Madison, Wisconsin. Wrestling at 198 pounds, Jeidy was a member of the U.S. team and came away with a win. After graduation, Jeidy helped as assistant wrestling coach for the Badgers.

His hometown decided to honor him for his accomplishments and declared April 6, 1978, Ron Jeidy Day in Fennimore, Wisconsin. Also, Jeidy has been honored by having a chapter in the book, "U.S. Wrestling Champions: What Is Their Secret?", by Charles D.