2005 Barney Karpfinger  Lifetime Service  Marquette.gifMarquette's head coach for 21 years might sound like enough considering his influence on boys who have wrestled for him, but Barney Karpfinger was so involved in all of wrestling that he has been one of the most active individuals in the state.
He has been a member of the National Wrestling Coaches Association for 15 years. He served as host for the Wisconsin State AAU Tourney from 1955 through 1971, and conducted free summer wrestling program for 12 years. For around 20 years he conducted clinics and seminars on wrestling.
Barney has been cited for "Service to Community and Development of Youth" by the mayor's office.
Probably one of his biggest contributions has been his counseling of young people in matters of schooling and wrestling, as well as other problems of life. His own boys as well as others seek him.
As a wrestler, he was undefeated as a senior in 1953, and gave a defending NCAA champion his only defeat of the season.