2006 Garrett Lowney2  Freedom.jpgGarrett Lowney son of Steve and Malia Lowney, was born in 1979. Garrett's dad got him into wrestling when he was five-years-old, bringing him to practices and letting him just play around. All Garrett knew was that he could throw other kids to the ground and he wouldn't get in trouble for it. It was around third grade when his parents saw some real potential. That's when they started traveling more and taking him to different cities to compete. Those cities would soon turn into countries.

Coming out of high school, Lowney was said to be the top recruit in the U.S. for the 1998-99 season. He compiled a prep record of 155-5, including three Wisconsin State titles and a high school national title. But even more impressive was his resume away from folk-style. Lowney became only the third wrestler in history to win five Junior National titles (three in Freestyle and two in Greco-Roman). To top it all off, Lowney won a Greco Roman Junior World Title in Bucharest, Romania.

In 2000, 20-year-old Garrett Lowney had his most successful year ever. While taking an Olympic red-shirt year from school, he qualified for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team at 97 kg. He was the youngest athlete ever to compete in Greco-Roman wrestling for the U.S. At the Sydney Olympics, he shocked five-time World champion Gogi Koguachvili of Russia in the preliminaries beating him with a five-point throw in overtime. Lowney went on to win a bronze medal and became one of the youngest athletes ever to medal in Olympic Wrestling. During the 2003 World Team Trials, which he won, Lowney severely injured his neck and was unable to compete at the Pan Am Games and World Championships. After he had surgery, many believed his career was over. Garrett himself believed he was retired, so he moved back to his native town of Freedom, WI, married his high school sweetheart (Krystal), and started his career. Lowney ended up working himself back and was eventually medically cleared to compete.

Time was not on Garrett's side at this point. Somehow he had to overcome 6 months of rehab and leisure. Above all that, he only had less than two months before the first Olympic qualifier in Serbia, four months before U.S. Nationals, and five and a half months before the U.S. Olympic Team Trials. It proved to be Garrett's biggest challenge and his biggest accomplishment. By the end of 2004, Garrett was competing for his second Olympic Team.

"Wrestling has empowered me to take on many difficult struggles that I faced throughout all aspects of my life. I firmly believe that how an individual deals with these struggles is what separates the talented from the successful. This is what I appreciate most from the sport of wrestling."

Garrett still lives in Freedom with his wife Krystal where they welcomed their first child (Gavin) in November of 2005. His family is the joy of his life and he looks forward to passing his knowledge on. Garrett now works as the Director of Sales and Marketing for a re-distribution company out of Appleton and enjoys teaching the sport of wrestling to local youth in his spare time. Garrett is also going back to school to get his MBA degree and looks forward to a new chapter in his life.