2011 John Shefchik  2 Lifetime Service   Luxemburg Casco.jpgJohn Shefchik was born on September 7, 1944, to Joseph and Anna Mae Shefchik. John is the fourth oldest of 14 children who grew up on a dairy farm near Luxemburg, WI. John believes in the importance of enjoying what you are doing and credits his parents for a “work hard, you’ll only get out as much as you put in” attitude. John was introduced to wrestling by his two older brothers, and the tradition followed through to all 11 boys, John’s six sons, and many nephews. Two of John’s sons are still actively involved in wrestling: Bruce is on the mats as an official and Brad is head wrestling coach at Bay Port High School.
John’s first experience at the WIAA State Tournament was in 1960 as a competitor. He has attended all but one state meet since 1960 as a competitor, official or fan. John’s officiating career began during the 1969-70 season when he realized he could be more closely involved in the sport he truly enjoyed. John’s dedication to a fair and consistent approach to officiating has led him to the ultimate goal of every official: working the state meet. John continues to be an officer and correspondent for the X-CEL Wrestling Officials Association, which he helped organize nearly 40 years ago.
John’s greatest love is his wife Mariann, and their family together: Sherri, Kevin, Craig, Bruce, Brad, Corey, Jay, and Jessica. The extended family includes two sons-in-law, six daughters-in-law and 19 grandchildren. The entire family is very special and a big part of John and Mariann’s lives. Without the support of Mariann as their children were growing up, John would not have been able to continue officiating. In addition to officiating, as the boys reaches school age and began wrestling in the youth programs, John was very active in the Luxemburg-Casco Youth Wrestling Club. John and Mariann worked numerous fund raising events that helped support the L-C youth program.
Before retiring nearly three years ago, John’s previous 45 years were spent working for a special family and their company. At age 19, John was hired by Louie Konop and worked at Konop Vending for over 42 years combined as a route driver and also a sales and route coordinator. After Louie retired, John was very fortunate to continue working for the Konop family. Tom, Dave, and Mary believe in the same values as their father, which have always included giving back to the community for what the community has given to you.
After the first 12 years at Konop‘s, John had the honor to work for another special person: his younger brother, Fran, at Port Side Properties in Door County for two and a half years. Though this time at Port Side was brief, it gave him the opportunity to realize that even at a much younger age, Fran had the same work ethic and values that John’s entire family had grown up with, even though their father passed away when Fran was only 15 years old. John thanks his mom and dad for building a solid foundation for their lives.
Currently, John is enjoying retirement as he spends time with Mariann, their children, and grandchildren. During the winter months, John is still on the mats, truly enjoying every opportunity to officiate the sport of wrestling, a sport he will always enjoy as long as the Good Lord blesses him with good health.