1977 Guy Weaver Charter Member Racine.gifGuy "Buck" Weaver, started wrestling in Racine in 1933 and coached the Panthers for 27 years. Pioneering in a sport which demanded more than just coaching time, Buck coached 10 Park wrestlers to Individual State Titles.

In 1940, his team finished third. That was the first State Meet held in Wisconsin. In 1948, Park High hosted the State Meet.

Buck started wrestling in the form of a club, whose main purpose was to distinguish "wrestling from rasslin", and they remained a club until their first interscholastic wrestling competition in 1936. In 140, Park crowned three champs; Bob Hall (135), Sam Muir (165) and Arnold Volz (175). 7 others won titles in succeeding years.

Buck's wrestlers learned more than how to win. They learned that sacrifice was a realistic means to an end. That principle can only be taught by the most effective and respected people. Guy Weaver is one of those men.